Why major in Computer Science or Information Systems at PLNU?


Why major in Computer Science?

Why major in Information Systems?

Why Point Loma?


Why Major in Computer Science?


If you:


q       Enjoy your math classes

q       Enjoy solving problems

q       Enjoy challenging yourself

q       Are not afraid of your computer

q       Would like to be prepared for a well-paying career


Computer Science might be the major for you



Contrary to popular belief, the discipline of Computer Science is not just for sun-deprived individuals who love to program.Computer Scientists have the opportunity to impact their worlds in many ways. Computer Scientists have been involved in the process of mapping the human genome, studying environmental changes, launching space vehicles, creating financial plans, publishing, and searching for a cure for cancer.Most problems that need a logical solution are fair game for the Computer Scientist.


The main disciplines of Computer Science include:

q       Artificial Intelligence

q       Computer Design and Engineering

q       Computer Architecture

q       Software Engineering

q       Computer Theory and Algorithm Development

q       Operating Systems and Networks

q       Software Applications

However, Computer Science is easily combined with such areas as Math, Bioinformatics, Business, Medicine, Physics, Economics, Psychology, Linguistics, Communications and Graphics.


Check out the requirements for a Computer Science Major in the Catalog

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Why major in Information Systems?


If you:


q       Enjoy solving problems

q       Enjoy challenging yourself

q       Love technology but are not necessarily crazy about math

q       Were the guy who set up your school or home network

q       Would like to be prepared for a well-paying career


Information Systems might be the major for you



Information Systems is the application of information technology to organizational and managerial needs.The Information Systems professional has the ability to combine their business and technical knowledge to help organizations compete more successfully in the marketplace by specifying and managing the technology needed to optimize current operations.


An Information Systems professional may:

q       Maintain the network

q       Develop code for client/server systems

q       Design and administer data bases

q       Manage telecommunication efforts

q       Develop training programs as a technical writer

q       Implement enterprise-wide solutions to information problems

q       Build Internet Applications


Check out the Requirements for the Information Systems major in the PLNU catalog.

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Why study Computer Science or Information Systems at Point Loma?


Small Classes

The average class size at PLNU is 27 students. However, the average Computer Science class is 10 students.


State-of-the-art Laboratories

The PLNU campus is equipped with multiple PC and MAC labs, as well as a newly created hardware lab where students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience.


Excellent Faculty

Our faculty members have received their degrees from such prestigious institutions as the University of California, San Diego, the University of Southern California and The Claremont Graduate School.Although they continue to be active in their fields of expertise, the professorsí primary focus is teaching undergraduate students.


High Retention Rate

Although the national averages indicate that 1/3 of all students entering Computer Science and Information Systems students do not complete the program, we have not seen the same trend at PLNU.We believe that the small class size, and high availability of professors to their students is a major contributor to our high retention rate.


Successful graduates

Our graduates have been extremely successful in finding positions in both graduate institutions and industry.Recent graduates are currently studying at such places as UCSD and USC. Others have found positions at such places as SAIC, ViaSat, Animated Lighting, IBM, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin and the Salk Institute in La Jolla.


Undergraduate Research Program

Each summer, several of our students have the opportunity to work directly with professors on research projects.This is the kind of experience only reserved for graduate students at larger research-oriented institutions. Research projects have been conducted in such areas as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture and Scheduling.In addition, top students have an opportunity to complete an Honors Project, working with a professor, and leading to special Graduation with Distinction recognition.

Internship Opportunities

By remaining closely connected with our Alumni, we have created a large portfolio of internship locations in the San Diego area.


Faith Based Institution

Our faculty members take their faith commitments seriously.Topics discussed in class are approached with a Biblical worldview wherever possible.When students come to professors with situations inside or outside of academia, Godís wisdom is sought.